July 24, 2016

NT 29 Jesus Heals a Man Born Blind

Reference: John 9:1-34

Story Summary
   Jesus met a man who had been blind his whole life. Jesus made some mud, rubbed it into the blind man's eyes, then told him to go wash in a pool. When the man did what Jesus asked, he could see! But by then, Jesus was gone, and the blind man didn't know who it was who healed him.
   The Pharisees asked the man many questions. They were trying to find out if Jesus was a sinner or someone sent by God. They thought Jesus broke God's Sabbath command (don't work on the seventh day) when he made mud with his hands. They even wanted the man to lie about Jesus and say that Jesus was a sinner. But the man told the truth about Jesus. Because of this, the Pharisees kicked the man out of the synagogue!
   Jesus found the man and told him that it was he, Jesus, who had healed him. Jesus asked the man if he believed in him. The blind man said, "Lord, I believe." Then he bowed down and worshipped Jesus.

Big Idea and Motions: Jesus came to find and save lost sinners.
Jesus - form a cross with your arms
Find - pretend to scan around the room with binoculars
Save - do the baseball “safe” sign
Sinners - two thumbs down

Verse / Motions: Luke 19:10 - For the Son of Man came to seek and to save the lost...
For - hold up four fingers
Son - pretend to cradle a baby
Man - flex your muscles
Seek - pretend to scan the room using binoculars
Save - do the baseball “safe” sign
Lost - scratch the top of your head and look around, confused

Questions to Ask Throughout the Week
What problem did the man in today’s story have? // He was blind
How long had the man been blind? // Since birth
What did Jesus do to heal the man’s eyes? // Rub mud on them, then had him wash
What did the crowd think about the blind man who had been healed? // They weren’t sure it was him
Who asked the blind man questions about what happened? // The Pharisees
Why did the Pharisees think Jesus broke the Sabbath rule? // He made mud, which they thought was work
After talking to the man, what did the Pharisees do to the blind man? // Threw him out
When Jesus found the blind man, what did the blind man do? // Worshipped Jesus
What did Jesus ask the blind man? // Do you believe in the Son of Man?
Who is the Son of Man? // Jesus

Google Docs Links:
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