June 18, 2017

OT 22 Joseph in Prison

Reference: Genesis 40

Story Summary: 
Pharaoh became angry with his baker and wine taster. He threw them into the prison where Joseph was. While there, God gave them each a special dream. They were both sad because they didn't understand what their dreams meant.
   Joseph told them that only God knows what dreams mean. He asked them to share their dreams with them. God would help him understand what their dreams meant. The wine taster shared his dream, where he saw three bunches of grapes, squeezed them into Pharaoh's cup, and served the cup to Pharaoh. Joseph explained that, in three days, Pharaoh would give the wine taster his job again. Joseph asked the wine taster for a favor. He wanted him to tell Pharaoh that Joseph was in prison even though he'd done nothing wrong.
   The baker shared his dream to Joseph. He'd dreamt there were three baskets on his head, and birds ate food from the baskets. Joseph said this dream meant that, in three days, Pharaoh would punish the baker.
In three days, both dreams came true, like Joseph said they would. But the wine taster forgot his promise to talk to Pharaoh about Joseph.

Big Idea and Motions: Even when things look bad, God still has a good plan.
Even when - shrug your shoulders and hold out your hands
Bad - two thumbs down
God - point up
Good - two thumbs up
Plan - pretend to write on your palm

Verse / Motions: Romans 8:28a, ESV - And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good...
Know - tap your brain
Those - point to other people with both index fingers
Love - hand over your heart
God - point up
All things - point up
Work together - bump one of your fists on top of the other
Good - two thumbs up

Questions to Ask Throughout the Week
Who ended up in prison with Joseph? // Pharaoh’s wine taster and baker
What did the wine taster and baker have in prison? // Special dreams
Why were the wine taster and baker sad? // They couldn’t understand their dreams
Who is the only person who knows what dreams mean? // God
What did the wine taster dream? // He picked from three bunches of grapes and made wine for Pharaoh
What did Joseph say the dream meant? // In three days, the wine taster would get his job back
What did the baker dream? // Three baskets of food on his head, the birds ate from the basket
What did that dream mean? // In three days, Pharaoh would punish the baker
Did these dreams come true like Joseph said? // Yes
What favor did Joseph want from the wine taster? // To tell Pharaoh that he’s in prison, but did nothing wrong
Did the wine taster remember his promise to Joseph? // No

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June 11, 2017

OT 21 Joseph Works for Potiphar

Reference: Genesis 21

Story Summary: 
After traders brought him to Egypt, Joseph was sold as a slave to Potiphar, a man in charge of Pharaoh's guard. Even though he was a slave, God was with Joseph and gave him success in everything he did. Potiphar saw that God was with Joseph, so he placed Joseph in charge of his entire house. God blessed Potiphar's house because of Joseph. Potiphar didn't have to worry about anything except what he ate.
   But Potiphar's wife told a horrible lie. He told Potiphar and his servants that Joseph had tried to hurt her. Potiphar believed his wife's lie and became very upset at Joseph. Even though he had done nothing wrong, Joseph was thrown into prison by Potiphar.
   However, God was also with Joseph in prison. God gave him great success in everything he did. Because God was with him, the jailer decided to place Joseph in charge of the prison. The jailer didn't have to worry about anything because God gave Joseph great success in everything he did.

Big Idea and Motions: God is with us in tough times of trouble.
God - point up
With us - hug yourself
Tough times - bump one of your fists on top of the other
Trouble - put your hands on your cheeks and look worried.

Verse and Motions: Matthew 28:20b, ESV - And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age.
Behold - cup your hands around your mouth and say “Behold!” dramatically
I am - point
With you - hug yourself
Always - draw repeated circles in the air with your finger
End - pound the bottom of your fist down onto your upward palm
The age - trace an ∞ in the air with your finger

Questions to Ask Throughout the Week
Who bought Joseph as a slave? // Potiphar
Who was Potiphar? // The captain of Pharaoh’s guard
Who was with Joseph when he was a slave? // God
When he saw God was with Joseph, what did Potiphar do? // Put Joseph in charge of his house
What happened because God was with Joseph? // God gave him success and blessed Potiphar’s house
What evil thing did Mrs. Potiphar do to Joseph? // Lied and said Joseph tried to hurt her
When Potiphar believed his wife’s lie, what did he do? // Threw Joseph in prison
Who was with Joseph in prison? // God
What happened because God was with Joseph in prison? // God gave him success, he was put in charge
Who promised to be with us always, to the end of the age? // Jesus

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June 4, 2017

OT 20 Joseph is Sold by His Brothers

Reference: Genesis 37:12-26

Story Summary: 
Jacob sent Joseph to go check on his brothers. They were watching his flock in a place called Shechem, about 50 miles away. When the brothers saw Joseph approaching, they said to each other, "Let's kill that dreamer! We'll tell our father that a wild animal ate him!"
   One of the brothers, Reuben, spoke up. He convinced them not to harm Joseph, but to instead throw him into an empty well. Reuben's planned to release Jacob later. So, they took off Joseph's robe and threw him in a well.
   As the brothers ate lunch, a group of traders appeared. Judah, another of the brothers, said, "If we kill Joseph, we'll get nothing. Let's sell him to these traders instead." And so they sold Joseph to the traders for eight ounces of silver. The traders took Joseph to Egypt, where he was sold as a slave to a man named Potiphar.
   The brothers took Joseph's robe, the one his father had given him, and soaked it into the blood of a goat. When Jacob eventually saw the robe, he said, "A wild animal has eaten Joseph up." Jacob wept for his son for days. He had believed the lie his sons had told him.

Big Idea and Motions: Evil deeds come from evil in the heart.
Evil - frown and use your index fingers to give yourself “horns”
Deeds - bump the bottom of one fist onto the top of the other
Come from - gesture from your heart out towards another
Evil - frown and use your index fingers to give yourself “horns”
Heart - tap your heart

Verse / Motions: Jeremiah 17:9, ESV - The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately sick; who can understand it?
Heart - put your hand over your heart
Deceitful - rub your palms together and look around deviously
All things - gesture your arms in a wide circle above your head
Sick - grab your stomach and look/sound sick
Who - shrug your shoulders and hold out your hands
Understand - tap your brain

Questions to Ask Throughout the Week
Why were the brothers away from home? // They were looking after Jacob’s sheep
What did Jacob send Joseph to do? // Check on the brothers
When they saw Joseph coming, what did the brothers say? // Let’s kill that dreamer
What did Reuben say? // Don’t kill him, throw him into an empty well
What did they take from Joseph before they threw him into the empty well? // His beautiful robe
Who came while the brothers ate lunch? // Some traders
What plan did Judah come up with? // Sell Joseph as a slave to the traders
Where did the traders take Joseph? // To Egypt
What did the brothers do with Joseph’s robe? // Dipped it into blood
What did Jacob think happened to Joseph? // He was eaten by an animal

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May 29, 2017

OT 19 Joseph’s Dream

Reference: Genesis 37:5-11

Story Summary: 
   Joseph had a strange dream one day. In the dream, he and his brothers were tying together bundles of grain. Then, Joseph’s bundle of grain stood up. The eleven other bundles bowed down to Joseph’s. When Joseph told them the dream, the brothers hated him and said, “Will you really rule over us like a king?”
   Joseph again dreamed. This time, the sun, moon, and eleven stars all bowed down before Joseph. He told the dream to his brothers and his father. When the brothers heard it, they were jealous and angry. But his father, Jacob, kept the matter in mind. “Will your mother, your brothers, and I really bow down before you?” he asked his son.
   Joseph’s dreams weren’t ordinary dreams. They were special messages from God about his future. God was telling Joseph that one day, he would be put in charge of his family and they would bow before him.
   God was able to tell Joseph what was going to happen in the future because God is the only person who knows the future. God doesn’t just know the future; he’s in charge of what happens in the future!

Big Idea and Motions: God knows and is in charge of the future.
God - point up
Knows - tap your temple
In charge - wag your index finger, like you’re bossing someone
Future - hold your hands out, wiggle your fingers, and speak in a spooky voice

Verse / Motions: Isaiah 46:9-10, ESV - I am God, and there is none like me, declaring the end from the beginning...
God - point up
None - wave your hands “no”
Me - point to yourself with two thumbs
Declaring - make your hand talk like a puppet
End - point to the far right with both index fingers
Beginning - point to the far left with both index fingers

Questions to Ask Throughout the Week
How many brothers did Joseph have? // Eleven
What were the brothers doing in Joseph’s first dream? // Bundling grain in the field
What did the brothers’ bundles do in the dream? // Bowed down to Joseph’s bundle
How did the brothers feel when they heard Joseph’s dream? // They hated Joseph.
What happened in the second dream? // The sun, moon, and eleven stars bowed down to Joseph
Who did the sun and moon represent in the dream? // Joseph’s father and mother
Who did the eleven stars represent? // The eleven brothers
How did the brothers feel after hearing the second dream? // They hated and were jealous of Joseph.
What did his father Jacob do after hearing the dream? // Thought about it over and over.
Why were these dreams special? // They were messages from God about the future.
Who is the only person who knows the future? // God

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May 21, 2017

OT 18B Jacob Wrestles With God

Reference: Genesis 32

Story Summary: 
   Jacob left his Uncle Laban with his wives and kids. As he travelled, he realized he need to pass the country where his brother, Esau, lived. Jacob was worried because Esau had vowed to kill him because Jacob had stolen his blessing 20 years before. Because he was worried, Jacob prayed that God would keep him safe from Esau. Jacob reminded God that he had promised to make Jacob's family into a great nation.
   That night, a man came and wrestled with Jacob until the morning. Eventually, the man touched Jacob's hip and injured him. But Jacob refused to let the man go until he gave him a blessing. The man did bless Jacob. And he gave him a new name, Israel, which means he "struggles with God." Jacob named that place "Peniel" which means "face of God." He said, "I've seen the face of God and have lived!"
   Jacob went on to meet with his brother, Esau. Instead of attacking Jacob and his family, Esau hugged and kissed his brother. God had answered Jacob's prayer. He gave Jacob the blessing of a brother who had forgiven him for the wrong things he had done when he was younger.

Big Idea and Motions: Trust in the Lord with all your heart.
Trust - pretend to grasp a rope in front of you with two hands
Lord - point up
All - gesture your arms in a wide circle
Heart - put your hands over your heart

Verse / Motions: Proverbs 3:5, ESV - Trust in the LORD with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding.
Trust - pretend to grab a rope with two hands
Lord - point up
All - gesture your arms in a wide circle
Heart - hand over your heart
Do Not Lean - cross your arms and pretend to lean against something
Understanding - tap your temple

Questions to Ask Throughout the Week
Who did Jacob’s family have to travel past? // Jacob’s brother, Esau
Why was Jacob nervous about travelling past Esau? // He had tricked Esau, Esau vowed to kill him
How many men was Esau sending to Jacob? // 400 men
What did Jacob think Esau’s men might do? // Attack him
What did Jacob do when he prayed? // Asked God to save him from Esau, reminded God of his promise
Who came to Jacob that night? // God.
What did God and Jacob do all night? // Wrestle
What new name did God give Jacob? // Israel
What does the name Israel mean? // He struggles with God
Jacob would not let God go until he did what? // Blessed him
What happened when God touched Jacob’s hip? // Injured it, knocked it out of joint, and Jacob limped

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May 14, 2017

OT 18 Joseph and His Brothers

Reference: Genesis 35:23-26, 37:1-5

Story Summary: 
   Jacob had four wives: Leah, Rachel, Bilhah, and Zilpah. This was wrong because God said from the beginning that a man should only have one wife. Because he had so many wives, Jacob had many kids, too. He had thirteen kids: a daughter and twelve boys.
   But there was one boy Jacob loved more than any other: Joseph, the oldest son of his favorite wife, Rachel. One day, Joseph and four of his brothers were watching Jacob’s sheep. They did something wrong and Joseph brought a bad report about them to their father.
   Later, Jacob gave Joseph a beautiful and expensive robe to wear. When the other brothers saw that their father loved Joseph more, when they saw the beautiful robe only Joseph received, they hated him. They couldn’t save a kind word to him.
   Jacob's family had lots of problems. That's because Jacob's family was filled with lots of sinners. But the good news is that God had great promises to Jacob. And about 2000 years later, Jacob's great-great-grandson Jesus was born. Jesus was God's Son, and he came to save sinners like the ones in Jacob's family.

Big Idea and Motions: Jesus can save messed up people like you and me!
Jesus - form a cross with your forearms
Save - do the baseball “safe” sign
Messed up - twirl your index finger by your head (like you’re calling yourself crazy)
You - point to another person
Me - point to yourself with both thumbs

Verse / Motions: 1 Timothy 1:15, ESV - ...Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners, of whom I am the foremost.
Christ Jesus - form a cross with your forearms
Came - march in place
World - trace a big circle with your arms
Save - do the baseball “safe” sign
Sinners - two thumbs down
I am - point to yourself with two thumbs
Foremost - hold up 1 finger

Questions to Ask Throughout the Week
How many wives did Jacob have? // Four
Which wife did he love most? // Rachel
How many sons did Jacob have? How many daughters? // Twelve, One
Who were Zilpah and Bilhah? // Leah and Rachel’s servants, Jacob’s third and fourth wives
What problem did Rachel have? // She couldn’t have kids
Who was Jacob’s favorite son? // Joseph, Rachel’s oldest son
When they were watching the sheep, what did Joseph do? // Tell on them for doing something wrong
What did Jacob give Joseph? How did the brothers feel? // A beautiful robe, they couldn’t say a kind word to him
What commandment did Jacob’s family break many times? // Love your neighbor as yourself
Who was Jacob’s great-grandson who came to save us? // Jesus

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May 7, 2017

OT 17B Jacob’s Family

Reference: Genesis 29

Story Summary:
   After running away from Esau, Jacob ran to his uncle Laban’s home. He stayed with Laban for a month and worked for him. Laban wanted to pay Jacob for his work, so he asked Jacob what he wanted. Jacob asked to marry Laban’s younger daughter, Rachel. She was beautiful and Jacob loved her. Laban said that, if Jacob worked for him for seven years, he could marry Rachel. So Jacob worked for seven years, but they seemed like a few days because he loved Rachel so much.
   The morning after his wedding, Jacob woke up next to Leah. Laban had tricked Jacob into unknowingly marrying Leah. He did that because he wanted his older daughter to be married first. Jacob was furious with Laban. Laban told Jacob he could marry Rachel, too, if he waited one week, and also worked another seven years. And so Jacob did.
   Jacob and Laban were both tricksters. And because of their sin, they caused lots of trouble for each other and their families.

Big Idea and Motions: Sin displeases God and makes trouble for you and me.
Sin - two thumbs down
Displeases - cross your arms and frown
God - point up
Makes trouble - put your palm
You - point to another person
Me - point to yourself with two thumbs

Verse / Motions: Romans 6:23, ESV - For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.
Wages - pretend to swipe a credit card through a card reader machine
Sin - two thumbs down
Death - cross your arms over your chest and bow your head
Free gift - pretend to hand a present to someone else
Eternal life - trace a ∞ in the air with your finger
Christ Jesus - form a cross with your forearms

Questions to Ask Throughout the Week
Whose home did Jacob run away to? // His Uncle Laban.
Who were Laban’s daughters? // Leah and Rachel
What kind of work did Jacob do for his uncle? // Took care of his animals.
What “pay” did Jacob ask Laban to give him for his work? // To marry his daughter, Rachel
How long did Jacob have to work for Rachel? // 7 years
What trick did Laban pull on Jacob? // Had him marry Leah instead of Rachel
Why did Laban trick Jacob? // He wanted the older daughter to be married first
What did Laban say Jacob could do if he wanted to marry Rachel? // Wait a week, marry her, then work for 7 more years
How many wives does God’s Word tell us we should have? // Only one.
Which wife did Jacob love more? // Rachel

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