February 14, 2016

OT 67 God Saves Elisha From an Army

Reference: 2 Kings 6:8-23

Story Summary: 
     The King of Aram was at war with Israel. He told his officers he was going to set up his camp in a place. God allowed the prophet Elisha to hear what he said. He told the King of Israel to be on guard at that place. This happened again and again, and the King of Aram was mad that Elisha miraculously knew all of his secrets.
     The King of Aram surrounded Elisha’s house with soldiers to capture him. When Elisha’s servant saw this, he was scared, but Elisha prayed that God would open the servant’s eyes. God did, and the servant saw an army of fiery angels and chariots from God around them that had been invisible. They were sent there by God to save them.
     Elisha then asked God to make the soldiers blind. God did, and Elisha led them right into the middle of an Israelite city. They were now surrounded by Israelites!
     But instead of attacking Aram’s men, Elisha prayed that God would open their eyes again. The King gave them food and drink and sent them home. From that time on, Aram stopped attacking the Israelites.

Big Idea and Motions: Our invisible, everywhere, and good God is here to save us.
Invisible - cover your eyes with a hand
Everywhere - gesture with your hands in a wide circle
Good - two thumbs up
God - point up
Save us - make the baseball “safe!” sign with your arms

Verse / Motions: Jeremiah 32:24, ESV - Can a man hide himself in secret places so that I cannot see him? declares the Lord. Do I not fill heaven and earth?
Man - point to yourself
Hide himself - hide your face behind your hands
Secret places - peek your eyes out from behind your hands (after doing the previous motions)
See him - pretend to look through binoculars
Fill - hold your arms in front of you palms up, then raise them up above your head
Heaven and earth - point up, then slap the ground

Questions to Ask Throughout the Week
Who heard everything the King of Aram said? Why? // Elisha, God let him hear everything he said.
What did the King of Aram send his soldiers to do? // Capture Elisha.
What did the soldiers do at Elisha’s house? // Surrounded it
Who came out and saw that Elisha’s house was surrounded with soldiers? // Elisha’s servant.
After Elisha prayed, what did Elisha’s servant see? // Angel soldiers with horses/chariots, surrounded by fire
What did God do to the soldiers after Elisha prayed? // They were made blind.
Where did Elisha lead the blind soldiers? // Into the middle of an Israelite city, Samaria
After Elisha led the blind soldiers to the King of Israel, did he hurt them or let them go? // Let them go.
After letting them go, did the King of Aram keep fighting the Israelites or stop? // Stop.
What three things did our big idea teach us about God? // He’s invisible, everywhere, and good.

Google Docs Links:
Lesson - https://goo.gl/WEJDDi
Resources - https://goo.gl/d2e4fK

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