February 7, 2016

OT 66 God Heals Naaman

Reference: 2 Kings 5

Story Summary: 
     Naaman was the commander of the army of Aram. He was very important, but he had a terrible skin disease. His soldiers captured a girl from Israel. She told Naaman that he should see the prophet Elisha to have his skin disease healed.
     The King of Aram told Naaman to go see Elisha. He sent gifts with him to give to Elisha.
     When Naaman came, Elisha sent his messenger to meet him. The messenger told Naaman to bath seven times in the Jordan River. Then, his skin would be healed. This upset Naaman. He wanted Elisha to come out, pray, wave his hand over him, and heal him. He didn’t want to bathe in the yucky Jordan River!
     But Naaman’s servants told Naaman he was being foolish. So, Naaman bathed in the Jordan River seven times like Elisha asked. And when he did, his skin was free of disease. He tried to give his gifts to Elisha, but Elisha wouldn’t take them. Instead, Naaman pledged that he would now only worship the God of Israel.

Big Idea and Motions: Put your faith in our Mighty Savior to be saved.
Faith - pretend to grasp a rope in front of you with two hands
Mighty - flex your muscles
Saved - do the baseball “safe” sign

Verse / Motions: Zephaniah 3:17, ESV - The Lord your God is with you, the Mighty Warrior who saves.
Lord your God - point up
With you - pat yourself on the back
Mighty - flex your muscles
Warrior - pretend to swing a sword
Saves - do the baseball “safe” sign

Questions to Ask Throughout the Week
Who was the prophet in today’s story? // Elisha.
What was Naaman’s job? // A commander in the army of Aram.
What was Naaman’s problem? // He had a skin disease.
Who told Naaman to go see Elisha? // His servant girl who was an Israelite
What did Elisha’s messenger tell Naaman to do? // Dip in the Jordan River seven times.
How did Naaman feel after Elisha sent his messenger to tell him what to do? // Angry.
Why was Naaman angry at what the messenger told him? // He wanted Elisha to wave his hand around, didn’t want to go into the Jordan River
What happened to Naaman after he dipped seven times in the Jordan River? // His disease was healed.
Who healed Naaman’s disease? // God.
How can you and I be saved: by obeying God’s rules or by faith in Jesus? // Faith in Jesus.

Google Docs Links:
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