November 1, 2015

OT 56 David Spares Saul's LIfe

Reference: 1 Samuel 22, 24, and 26

Story Summary: 
     Saul was so jealous of David that he hunted him down to kill him. Some men told Saul where David was hiding, so he went to the area with his soldiers.
     When Saul went into a cave to use the bathroom, David snuck off and cut off a piece of his robe. Later, he called out Saul and showed him the piece of fabric he had cut off. He did this to prove to Saul that, he didn't want to hurt him. Saul felt guilty that he had been hunting David, yet David let him live. He stopped hunting David, but only for a while.
     Yet again, Saul was told were David was hiding. He left with thousands of soldiers to find David. One night, when Saul was sleeping, David and Abishai, one of his men, snuck into the camp and took the spear and water jug that was right next to Saul.
     Later, David called out to Saul from a distance. He showed him the spear and water jug he had taken as proof that, although he could have hurt Saul, he didn't want to. Once again, Saul was moved by David's kind-
ness. He promised to not try to harm David again. David went on his way and Saul returned home.

Big Idea and Motions: God loved his enemies and so should we!
God - point up
Loved - place both hands over your heart
Enemies - hold up your fists like you’re ready to fight
We - point to yourself with both thumbs

Verse / Motions: Matthew 5:44, ESV - But I say to you, Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you...
I say - make your hand talk like a puppet
You - point to another person
Love - place your hands over your heart
Enemies - make a mean face and put up your fists
Pray -fold your hands in prayer
Persecute - punch your palm

Questions to Ask Throughout the Week
Who was trying to hurt David? // King Saul.
What did David do to Saul while Saul was in the cave? // Cut off a piece of his robe.
Why did David sneak and cut off a piece of Saul's robe? // To show that he was close enough to hurt Saul, but he didn't want to hurt him.
Did Saul stop hunting David after this? // No
What did Jesus say we're supposed to do to our enemies? // Love and pray for them.
What did David take from Saul while he was sleeping? // His spear.
Why did David sneak and take Saul's spear? // To show that he could have hurt Saul, but he didn't want to hurt him.
After David let Saul escape two times without hurting him, what did Saul do? // Sent David on his way.
Who were you and I enemies with and why? // God, because we sinned.
How did God love his enemies? // Sent Jesus to die for their sins.

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