September 2, 2011

What is the Bible?

REFERENCE: 2 Tim. 3:16-17

BIG IDEA: The Bible is God’s word to us.

VERSE: 2 Tim. 3:16a - All Scripture is breathed out by God... (ESV)

Questions to Ask Throughout the Week

- The Bible is people’s word to us. // F, People’s should be God’s
- The Bible teaches and trains us to follow God. // T
- The Bible has three halves called Testaments. // F, Three should be Two
- The most important person in the Bible is Moses. // F, Moses should be Jesus
- The Bible is 66 smaller books made into one. // T
- It’s not important to read our Bibles. // F, We need to read our Bibles to know God’s word.
- When we read from our Bibles, we should ask, “What does this verse teach me about airplanes?” // F, Airplanes should be God
- Today’s Bible verse is “All scripture is breathed out by God...” // F
- God has breathed death into all of scripture. // F, Death should be Life
- Everything in the Old Testament happened before Jesus was born. // T

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