April 20, 2009

Faith Kids: Zechariah and Elizabeth

Zechariah and Elizabeth have a baby. (Luke 1:5-25, 57-75)

Big Idea
God means what he says.

Bible Verse
Psalm 105:8 - "He will keep his covenant forever. He will keep his promise for all time to come. "(NIrV)

What We Did
1. As we told the story, we hung paper strips from the ceiling in a long chain. We added a new strip to the chain each time we came to a new fact in the story. We started with blue and pink paper strips for Zechariah and Elizabeth, added a yellow strip when the angel appeared to Zechariah, and so on until the entire chain was as tall as me (Mr. Andy)!
2. We played a game of Win, Lose, or Draw on wipe board tablets to simulate how Zechariah had to communicate with others when God rendered him unable to speak.
3. We all did our best impersation of what it would like if an angel appeared to us. We all fainted dramatically onto the floor. Luckily, we had a nice big mattress to land on.

Materials We Used
1. Lesson Plan
2. Small Group Leader Sheet
3. Verse Activity

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