April 27, 2009

Faith Kids: Angels visit Mary and Joseph

Angels visit Mary and Joseph. (Matthew 1:18-25, Luke 1:26-38)

Big Idea
When God asks, say "Yes!"

Bible Verse
Luke 11:28 - He replied, "Instead, blessed are those who hear God's word and obey it." (NIrV)

What We Did
1. Because, in our story, the angel was going to give Mary and Joseph news that some might have thought bad news and others might have thought good news, in the first small group time we discussed the phrase, "I've got good news and bad news" and which news they'd rather hear first. A majority of our kids said they'd rather hear the bad news first and get it out of the way!
2. As we told the Bible story, we played a game called Noisy Choices. During key parts of the story, we stopped and gave our contestant (Carter) three choices as to what happened. To indicate his answer, he had to play one of three musical instruments: a maraca, a recorder, and a ukelele. Carter chose the correct Noisy Choice almost every time. He correctly decided that Jesus' parents weren't named Big Bertha and Billy Bob, as well as determining that the angel didn't appear to Joseph to deliver him a pizza.
3. During the story, we focused on the fact that, when God sent his messengers to Mary and Joseph, they both said "Yes" to God by agreeing to do what he asked them to do.
4. In the second small group time, we talked about how the way we can say "Yes" to God now is to read his Word (the Bible) and do what it says. We played a board game where we drew cards with God's commandments and instruction for us written on them and flipped a coin to judge whether or not our game character said "Yes" to God. We then discussed what it would mean to say "Yes" to God in regards to that commandment. If our game character said "Yes" to God, he/she was allowed to move forward, but if he/she said "No," then they had to move backwards.

Materials We Used
1. Lesson Plan
2. Small Group Leader Sheet
3. Verse Activity
4. Resource: Game Board
5. Resource: Game Cards
6. Resource: Choice Cards

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