January 27, 2008

Jacob, Esau, and the Blessing

What We Talked About:
Isaac was getting old, and he wanted to bless his favorite son, Esau, before he died. He told Esau to hunt for some food, prepare it just the way he liked it, and bring it to him to eat. After eating, Isaac would bless him. So, Esau went out into the field to hunt.

Rebekah overhead this and told her favorite son, Jacob. Together, they hatched a plan to trick Isaac into blessing Jacob instead by pretending to be Esau. Since Isaac was old and could no longer see, Rebekah had Jacob wear some of Esau's clothes, and place some animal skins on his arms in order to smell and feel like his brother, Esau. Rebekah took one of their goats, cooked it up just the way Isaac liked it, and sent Jacob into see Isaac

Isaac was suspicious, but in the end, Jacob was able to fool him and get his father's blessing. No sooner than Jacob had left then Esau walked into Isaac's tent to receive his blessing. Isaac explained to him that he had already given his blessing to someone who he had thought was Esau. Esau knew he had been tricked by his brother, Jacob. He was so made, he planned to kill his brother.

What's the Big Deal?
1. You won't get away with sin for long.

What We Did
1. We created Play-Doh versions of Isaac, Rebekah, Jacob, and Esau and used them to act out the events of the story.

Our Memory Verse
Proverbs 12:22 - "The Lord detests lying lips, but delights in men who are truthful."

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