January 13, 2008

Jacob and Esau are Born

What We Talked About:
God continued to keep his promise to Abraham to make his family into a great nation. His son Isaac's wife became pregnant. As her tummy grew, the baby began to move violently inside her. It wiggled around so much that she finally asked God what in the world was going on. God told her that she was actually carrying two babies inside her. These babies would grow up into great nations one day, and the older son would one day serve the younger.

A little while later, the babies were born. The first baby that came out had bright red hair. He was named Esau. As Esau came out, the second baby grabbed onto his heel. He was given the name Jacob.

What's the Big Deal?
1. God keeps his promises

What We Did
1. We talked about family trees - diagrams that show how family members are related to one another. We drew Abraham's family tree to show how his family began to grow into a great nation.
2. We told the story in a chalk talk, drawing images on the chalk board to help tell the story.

Our Memory Verse
Psalm 145:13b - "The Lord is faithful to all his promises and loving toward all he has made."

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