February 18, 2018

OT 33 Wandering in the Desert Part 1

Reference: Exodus 15:22 - 16:36

Story Summary:

     The Israelites wandered the desert for 40 years. As they travelled, they weren't able to find water and complained to Moses and against God. When they did find water, it was bitter and the people complained. But God told Moses to throw a stick into the water. When he did, God made the water taste sweet.
     Later, the people complained that they didn't have food to eat. They wished they were back in Egypt, where they were slaves, but at least they had food. But even though the people complained against God, he provided food for them anyways.
     That night, God made lots of quail come, birds for the people to eat. And in the morning, God made a special dew cover the ground. When it dried, it left white flakes that tasted like honey wafers. The people called it "manna" because they said, "What is it?" when they first saw it.
     Each day God made manna appear for the people. If they tried to save it overnight, it would stink and be
filled with maggots. God sent twice as much manna on the sixth day, so they could rest on the Sabbath day and not have to gather manna.

Big Idea and Motions: Don’t complain! God saved you. Of course he’ll take care of you
Don’t complain - cross your arms and make a complaining face
God - point up
Saved you - do the baseball “safe” sign
Of course - do a “duh!” gesture/expression with your hands and face
Take care - give yourself a hug

Verse / Motions: Matthew 6:25, ESV - ...do not be anxious about your life, what you will eat or what you will drink, nor about your body, what you will put on.
Anxious - put your hands on your cheeks and look worried
Life - pause and take a deep breath while “wafting” air towards your face with your hands
Eat - pretend to eat a sandwich
Drink - pretend to drink from a cup
Body - thump your chest
Put on - pretend to pull on pants

Questions to Ask Throughout the Week
Where were the Israelites wandering for 40 years? // The desert.
Why did the Israelites complain at first? // They had no water to drink
What was wrong with the water they found? // It was bitter, tasted bad
What did God tell Moses to do with the water? What happened? // Throw a stick in the water, it tasted good
What did the Israelites do when they were hungry in the wilderness? // They complained
What meat did God give them to eat? // Quail.
What bread did God give them to eat in the wilderness? // Bread from heaven, manna
What does the word “manna” mean? // What is it?
What happened to the manna when people tried to save extra? // It smelled and was filled with maggots
Why did they collect double manna on the sixth day? // God wanted them to rest on the Sabbath day

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