July 16, 2017

OT 25 The Birth of Moses

Reference: Exodus 1-2

Story Summary: 
Years after Joseph, his brothers, and their children died, the Israelites grew into a large nation of people among the people of Egypt. A new Pharaoh came to power who did not remember Joseph. He was afraid the Israelites would continue to grow, join with Egypt's enemies, and go to war with them.
   To stop them from growing, Pharaoh worked the Israelites like slaves, having slave masters beat them as they worked. But the Israelites continued to grow and the Egyptians continued to be afraid.
   Then, Pharaoh commanded that all the Israelite boys be thrown into the Nile River. A while later, an Israelite woman gave birth to a baby boy. After hiding him for three months, she coated a basket with tar, placed the baby inside, and floated him on the Nile River, where he was discovered by Pharaoh's daughter, who felt sorrow for the baby. She paid the baby's own mother to nurse him. When she was done, he was brought back to Pharaoh's daughter and he became her son. She named him Moses.
   Moses' story is important because he was the man God picked to lead the exodus out of Egypt.

Big Idea and Motions: God takes good care of his people.
God - point up
Good care - hug yourself
People - hold your palms out and wiggle your fingers

Verse / Motions: 1 Peter 5:7, ESV - casting all your anxieties on him, because he cares for you.
Casting - pretend to cast a fishing rod (or throw a ball)
All - gesture your arms in a wide circle circle
Anxieties - put your hands on your cheeks and look worried
Him/he - point up
Cares - hug yourself
You - point to another person

Questions to Ask Throughout the Week
What does the word “exodus” mean? // To exit or leave
Why was the new Pharaoh worried that the Israelites grew and grew? // They could fight against Egypt
What was the new Pharaoh’s first plan to stop the Israelites from growing? // Work them like slaves and beat them
Did the plan to work them like slaves keep them from growing? // No
What was Pharaoh’s second plan to keep the Israelites from growing? // Throw baby boys in the river
What special baby was this story about? // Moses
How long did Moses’ mom hide him? // Three months
What did she do with him after three months? // Floated him in a special basket in the river
Who found Moses in the basket? // Pharaoh’s daughter
Who hid and watched Moses float in the basket? // His big sister
Who did Pharaoh’s daughter get to take care of baby Moses? // His own mother

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