July 2, 2017

OT 24A Joseph Forgives His Brothers, Part 1

Reference: Genesis 41:47 - 42:24

Story Summary: 
The country of Egypt had seven good years with plentiful food, just like God said would happen in Pharaoh’s dream. Joseph collected all the extra food during this time. When seven years without food followed, Joseph sold this food back to the people so they didn’t starve.
   During the seven bad years, Jacob and his sons ran out of food. He sent 10 of the brothers to Egypt to buy food. He made Benjamin stay behind because he was afraid he would be hurt. When the brothers arrived in Egypt, they bowed down to Joseph. This is exactly what God showed Joseph would happen many years before when God gave him a special dream. Joseph recognized them, but they didn’t recognize Joseph.
   Joseph pretended to be a stranger to them. He accused them of being spies and threw one of the brothers in prison. He told them he would let them, and their other brother, go, if they brought their brother Benjamin to Egypt. Reuben, one of the brothers, said these bad things were happening because of what they had done to Joseph many years before When Joseph heard Reuben say this, he cried.

Big Idea and Motions: Don’t get revenge! Love your enemies instead!
Don’t - wag your finger “no”
Revenge - punch your palm with your fist
Love - put your hands over your heart
Enemies - put your fists on your hips and scowl

Verse / Motions: Matthew 5:44, ESV - But I say to you, Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you...
I say - make your hands talk like puppets
You - point to another person
Love - put your hands over your heart
Enemies - put your fists on your hips and scowl
Pray - fold your hands in prayer
Persecute - punch your palm with your fist

Questions to Ask Throughout the Week
What did Joseph do during the seven good years? // Store up the extra food
How did the people get food during the seven bad years in Egypt? // They bought it from Joseph
Why did Jacob send 10 sons to Egypt? // To buy food during the seven bad years
Which brother stayed back with Jacob? Why? // Benjamin, so he wouldn’t get hurt.
When the brothers saw Joseph, what did they do? // Bowed.
Did the brothers recognize Joseph? Did Joseph recognize them? // Only Joseph recognized them.
What did Joseph say the brothers were? // Spies.
What did he want them to do to prove they weren’t spies? // Bring Benjamin back.
What did Joseph do to Simeon to make sure they came back? // Put him in prison
What did Joseph do when Reuben said he was sorry for hurting Joseph? // Cried.

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