May 29, 2017

OT 19 Joseph’s Dream

Reference: Genesis 37:5-11

Story Summary: 
   Joseph had a strange dream one day. In the dream, he and his brothers were tying together bundles of grain. Then, Joseph’s bundle of grain stood up. The eleven other bundles bowed down to Joseph’s. When Joseph told them the dream, the brothers hated him and said, “Will you really rule over us like a king?”
   Joseph again dreamed. This time, the sun, moon, and eleven stars all bowed down before Joseph. He told the dream to his brothers and his father. When the brothers heard it, they were jealous and angry. But his father, Jacob, kept the matter in mind. “Will your mother, your brothers, and I really bow down before you?” he asked his son.
   Joseph’s dreams weren’t ordinary dreams. They were special messages from God about his future. God was telling Joseph that one day, he would be put in charge of his family and they would bow before him.
   God was able to tell Joseph what was going to happen in the future because God is the only person who knows the future. God doesn’t just know the future; he’s in charge of what happens in the future!

Big Idea and Motions: God knows and is in charge of the future.
God - point up
Knows - tap your temple
In charge - wag your index finger, like you’re bossing someone
Future - hold your hands out, wiggle your fingers, and speak in a spooky voice

Verse / Motions: Isaiah 46:9-10, ESV - I am God, and there is none like me, declaring the end from the beginning...
God - point up
None - wave your hands “no”
Me - point to yourself with two thumbs
Declaring - make your hand talk like a puppet
End - point to the far right with both index fingers
Beginning - point to the far left with both index fingers

Questions to Ask Throughout the Week
How many brothers did Joseph have? // Eleven
What were the brothers doing in Joseph’s first dream? // Bundling grain in the field
What did the brothers’ bundles do in the dream? // Bowed down to Joseph’s bundle
How did the brothers feel when they heard Joseph’s dream? // They hated Joseph.
What happened in the second dream? // The sun, moon, and eleven stars bowed down to Joseph
Who did the sun and moon represent in the dream? // Joseph’s father and mother
Who did the eleven stars represent? // The eleven brothers
How did the brothers feel after hearing the second dream? // They hated and were jealous of Joseph.
What did his father Jacob do after hearing the dream? // Thought about it over and over.
Why were these dreams special? // They were messages from God about the future.
Who is the only person who knows the future? // God

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