September 25, 2016

NT 39 Jesus on the Road to Emmaus

Reference: Luke 24:13-35

Story Summary:
   Two of Jesus' disciples were walking to a place called Emmaus. As they were walking, Jesus appeared among them, but God kept the disciples from recognizing who he was.
   As they walked, they told Jesus about the things that had happened in Jerusalem, about how Jesus had died, and about how some women had said he appeared to them. Jesus, of course, already knew about this since he was the person these things happened to.
   As they walked, Jesus taught the two disciples that the Christ, God's special savior, had to suffer to save his people. He started from the first books of the Bible and taught all the way through the end of the Old Testament. As he taught, the two disciples' hearts burned inside them.
   When they stopped, Jesus started to go on further. But the disciples begged Jesus to stay with them. As they ate together, God opened their eyes. They recognized Jesus and, just like that, Jesus disappeared before their eyes.
   The two disciples ran back to Jerusalem to tell the other disciples that they had seen the risen Lord.

Big Idea and Motions: The whole Bible points to Jesus.
Whole - gesture your arms in a wide circle
Bible - open your hands like opening a book
Points - point your index finger into the palm of your other hand
Jesus - form a cross with your forearms

Verse / Motions: John 5:39, ESV - You search the Scriptures because you think that in them you have eternal life; and it is they that bear witness about me...
Search - pretend to look around the room through binoculars
Scriptures - open your hands like a book and look back and forth at them
Think - tap your brain
Eternal life - draw a ∞ in the air
Bear witness - make your hands talk like puppets
Me - point to yourself

Questions to Ask Throughout the Week
Who were the two disciples in Jesus’ story? // Cleopas and his wife, Mary
Where were they walking? // To Emmaus
Who joined them on their walk? // Jesus
Why didn’t they know it was Jesus? // God kept them from recognizing him.
What were they talking about? // How Jesus had died, some women had said they saw him risen
What did Jesus teach them about? // How the Bible talks all about the Christ.
How did the disciples’ hearts feel when Jesus talked to them? // Like they were burning inside.
What happened when they ate bread with Jesus? // They recognized Jesus, then he disappeared
After they saw Jesus disappear, what did the disciples do? // Ran back to Jerusalem to tell the disciples
Who does the whole Bible point to? // Jesus

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