May 10, 2015

NT 01 Zechariah and Elizabeth

Reference: Luke 1:5-25, 57-75

Big Idea and Motions: God always means what he says.
God - point up
Always - throw your arms in a wide circle
Means - hold one palm facing up; pound the bottom of your other fist into your palm.
Says - make your hand talk like a puppet

Verse/Motions: Numbers 23:19a, ESV - God is not man, that he should lie, or a son of man, that he should change his mind.
God - point up
Is Not - wag your finger “No”
Man - flex your muscles to look “manly”
Lie - point to your lips
Son of man - pretend to cradle a baby
Mind - tap your brain

Questions to Ask Throughout the Week
Who were the two old people in today’s story? // Zechariah and Elizabeth.
As the story began, how many kids did Zechariah and Elizabeth have? // Zero
What was Zechariah’s job? // Priest
What was Zechariah going to do in the temple? // Light incense
Who appeared to Zechariah in the temple? // The angel Gabriel
What was Gabriel’s message? // You’ll have a son
What happened when Zechariah didn’t believe the angel? // He couldn’t speak
Who came to visit Elizabeth when she was pregnant? // Mary, Jesus’ mother
What did baby John do in Elizabeth’s belly when Mary came? // Leaped for joy
What did John grow up to be? // A prophet who helped people get ready for Jesus

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