April 19, 2015

OT 43 Gideon

Reference: Judges 6-7

Story Summary: 
     The people of Israel did evil in God's eyes. They worshiped the false gods of Asherah and Baal. God allowed them to be conquered by the nation of Midian, who treated the people very badly. But then God chose a man named Gideon to rescue them. God had Gideon knock down the poles and altars the people used to worship these gods.
     God told Gideon that he would defeat the Midianites. But Gideon wasn't sure. He asked God for a sign: Gideon would set out some wool at night. In the morning, if the wool was wet with dew and the ground dry, he'd know God was with him. And that's what happened! But Gideon still wasn't sure, so he asked God to do the opposite another night: to cover the ground in dew, but keep the wool dry. And God did that, too. Gideon know God was with him.
     God told Gideon to send all but 300 of his soldiers home. Gideon and his small army snuck at night to the enemy's camp. They blew trumpets and smashed jars to scare the enemy. God caused the Midianites to panic and
fight each other. They ran away in fear and Gideon and the Israelites won the battle. They won because God was on their side.

Big Idea and Motions: If God is on our side, nobody can be against us!
God - point up
Side - poke your sides
Nobody - wave your hands and shake your head
Against - punch your fist
Us - point to yourself

Verse / Motions: Romans 8:31, ESV - What then shall we say to these things? If God is for us, who can be against us?
What then - hold your hands out and shrug
Say - make your hand talk like a puppet
These things - poke your index finger into your upward-facing palm
God - point up
For us - point to yourself with two thumbs and nod your head
Against us - punch your palm

Questions to Ask Throughout the Week
Who conquered the Israelites? // Midian
Why did God let the Midianites defeat Israel? // They disobeyed God and worshipped pretend Gods
Who did God send to rescue Israel from the Midianites? // Gideon
Why didn’t Gideon think he could rescue Israel from Midian? // He was the least important member of his family
What two things did Gideon destroy at night? // The altar of Baal and the pole of Asherah
What two miracles did Gideon ask God to do? // Make the wool wet and the ground dry, then the opposite
Why did Gideon ask God to do miracles? // So he’d know that God would keep his promise
How many soldiers did Gideon have to fight with? // 300
What happened at the battle? // The Israelites smashed jars and blew trumpets
Why did Gideon and the Israelites defeat the Midianites? // Because God was on their side
How do we know God is on our side? // He sent Jesus to save us from sin

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