August 8, 2011

Joseph is Sold By His Brothers

REFERENCE: Genesis 37:12-36

BIG IDEA: When you’re jealous, remember that God is with you.

VERSE: Hebrews 13:5b - content with what you have, for he has said, “I will never leave you nor forsake you. (ESV)

Questions to Ask Throughout the Week (True or False)
Jacob sent Joseph to go check on his brothers. // T
The brothers saw Joseph coming and wanted to hug him. // F, They wanted to hurt him.
The brothers threw Joseph into a bag. // F, They threw him into a well.
The brothers sold Joseph to some traders. // T
The brothers cleaned Joseph's coat and gave it to their dad. // F, They messed the coat up.
Jacob cried because he believed Joseph had been attacked by an animal. // T
Today's big idea is "When you're jealous, forget that God is with you. // F, "Forget" should be "remember"
It's better to have stuff than to have God. // F

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