May 25, 2009

Faith Kids: Young Jesus at the Temple

Young Jesus spends time at the temple. (Matthew 2:39-52

Big Idea
Nobody's perfect, except Jesus.

Bible Verse
Romans 3:23 - "...for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God. " (NIV)

What We Did
1. To understand that perfectly obeying God's laws is like perfectly following instructions, we created a list of instructions on how to create a peanut butter sandwich.

2. As we told the story of Jesus spending time at the temple as a kid, we doodled out the different parts of the story on a really big mirror (a change of pace from the chalk board.)

3. Our verse, Romans 3:23, taught us that we've all fallen short of God's glory and have not followed all his commands perfectly. To understand what what it means to "fall short," we each did a long jump as we learned our verse and marked where we landed on the ground, measuring the length of each jump with a measuring tape. We then talked about how obeying God perfectly our entire lives, from a little baby to an old person, would be like trying to jump a million miles. It's impossible, and we'd always fall short. Only Jesus could obey God perfectly his entire life because he's God, and God can do the impossible.

4. In small group time, we put together puzzles that taught us about sin and what God has done about it. Romans 3:23 taught us that everyone has sinned. Romans 6:23 taught us that what our sin earns us is death. Romans 5:8 taught us that God sent Jesus to pay our penalty for sin by dying for us. And John 3:16 taught us that our sins can be forgiven and have new life in Jesus if we believe that Jesus died for our sins.

Materials We Used
1. Lesson Plan
2. Small Group Leader Sheet
3. Verse Activity
4. Handshake Activity
5. Resource: Verse Puzzles

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