May 26, 2008

Joseph Meets His Brothers Again

For the past couple of week, we've covered the story of how Joseph met his brothers again in Egypt.

To tell the story of the story of how Joseph collected Egypt's food during the seven good years, we each had bowls of Fruit Loops. We got to eat half of them; the rest we took up to 'Joseph' and deposited in a large bowl. That way, during the seven years of famine, we had some food left to eat.

When we got to the part of the story where Joseph met his brothers for the first time in years, we played a choose-your-own-adventure game. At various points in the story, we gave our kids threes choices as to what would happen next. One of them was the real choice, what actually happened in the Bible. The other two were completely ridiculous and funny choices. We acted out all three, choosing the correct one at the end.

As we finished the tale of Joseph reuniting with his brothers, we assigned a crazy motion for each character involved in the story and performed them each time their name was mentioned (which happened a lot!)

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