October 28, 2007

God Calls Abram

What We Talked About:
Abram lived in the land of Haran with his wife, Sarah, and his nephew, Lot. One day, God came to Abram and said, "I want you to leave your country and go to a place that I will show you." God made a promise to Abram. He promised him a great nation, a great name, a great blessing, and a great land.

Abram obeyed God. Sarah, Lot and he packed up all their things and went to the place God showed him to live.

What's the Big Deal?
1. Obey right away.

What We Did
1. Carter, Leiah, and Claire played the parts of Abram, Sarah, and Lot for us. We had them wear funny, Bible-time robes and pack up all their belongings (pillows, blankets, shoes, pots, pans, silverware, etc.) in a basket. Then we had them carry all their belongings to another part of the room to show how Abram packed up his stuff and moved.
2. We played a game to see how fast we could pack up all the stuff Abram, Sarah, and Lot had to carry.

Abram, Sarah, and Lot after they moved all their stuff.

Our Memory Verse
1 John 5:3a - “This is love for God: to obey his commands."

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