October 14, 2007

Noah's Ark Part 2

What We Talked About:
Water had covered the entire earth. Noah, his family, and the animals floated as watered covered even the highest mountains for 150 days. God sent a strong wind, and the waters began to recede. Finally, the ark struck ground on a mountain top.

To see if there was any dry ground out there, Noah sent a dove from the ark. It returned to him because it could find no dry ground on which to land. A week later, he sent out a dove again. This time, the dove returned with a green, leafy branch. Noah knew that trees were now visible. Finally, Noah sent out a dove again another week later, and it did not return. Noah knew there was dry ground.

After Noah, his family, and the animals had left the ark, Noah built an altar to thank God for protecting him from the flood. God spoke to Noah, and made a promise to never, ever, ever destroy the earth with a flood. He gave the rainbow as a sign of this promise.

What's the Big Deal?
1. God keeps his promises.

What We Did
1. Brianna played the part of Noah and sat in a boat. She threw a stuffed bird from the ark to show Noah releasing the dove. Then, Mr. Andy ran around like a crazy man to represent the bird looking for dry ground.
2. We played a popcorn eating game as we learned our memory verse.\
3. Using water in six small glasses, and red, yellow, and green food coloring, we created all the colors of the rainbow.

Our Memory Verse
Genesis 8:22 - “As long as the earth endures, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night will never cease.”

Answer some true and false questions by playing the game 'True or False: Noah's Ark' at the Faith Kids games page.

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